Do you know what it takes for a 500 MW thermal power plant?

  • 1,750 crores INR
  • 730 acres of land
  • 2000 tons of coal per day
  • 73,000 cu. m. water per day
  • Discharges 4,500 cu. m. of waste water per day

Save power for a greener eco-system

Non-invasive Power Monitoring Solutions

We offer state-of-the-art power monitoring solutions at low-cost using non-invasive power monitoring devices

  • Fully non-invasive solution, no need for cutting wires
  • Zero maintenance, no need for charging, battery replacement, etc.
  • Fully safe & secure
  • Easy to install
  • Wireless - IoT enabled
  • We customize it for your needs

Access data anywhere and anytime

Cloud data storage enables you to access data from anywhere ubiquitously

Real-time data visualization in smart devices

Our data analytics engine reduces your business cost

We offer the following cloud based analytics from the monitored data

  • Real-time power quality monitoring
  • Electrical fault detection
  • Identify avenues for reducing the business cost by saving power
  • Predictive analytics for machine maintenance

Product Specifications

Non-invasive Monitoring

Supports single and three phase current monitoring

Can measure currents from 0.5 to 70 Amperes

More than 96% accuracy

Easy to use

Clamp the device across the supply wire to monitor the real-time current consumption

zero-maintenance - uses energy harvesting for operation

Fully safe and secure

Customizable as per your business requirements

IoT Enabled

Supports Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth LE

Access Data Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud data storage enables you to access data from anywhere, anytime.

Visualize data in any smart phone, tablet, desktop.

We also offer services for your custom requirements.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics engine works in real-time to

Identify electrical faults

Detect power quality issues

Identify avenues for energy savings

Predicts machine maintenance

Awards & Recognition

Gold medal - Best National Invention from International Federation of Inventors' Association (IFIA), 2016.

Gold medal - Recognition of Creativity & Innovation – IIIFair, 2016.

Gold medal - Contribution To Innovation from Republica Portuguesa, 2016.

Silver medal - International Innovation Fair (IIA) 2017 held at Vizag.

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